The Butcher 1 & 2 Directors Cut Limited Edition Numered 267/500 (Hartbox)


Finally, the origin of The Butcher is revealed in this no-budget shocker from Germany. When a group of youngsters accidentally kill one of their friends, the mysterious bag wearing Butcher rises from the grave to wreak havok. One my one, the Butcher hunts down travelers in the forest, killing them in brutal ways, until he raises a small army of poorly made-up zombies to do his bidding. 

THE BUTCHER 2 (2001)

The Butcher is back. This time, a man finds an ancient book in a pawn shop and resurrects our favorite sack-headed maniac. This comes with a price as The Butcher kills him and goes off on another gore filled spree as only those gorehounds from Germany can give us. As a group of thirtysomethings venture off into the woods for a camping trip, The Butcher hacks his was through skinheads, rapists, rape victims and anyone else he comes across. Can he be stopped? 

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