Attack of the Virgin Mummies - Virgin Edition

Attack of the Virgin Mummies

Three of the kings virgin daughters from ancient Egypt are beaten and mummified by a maniac. The maniac later returns in the 21st century as a RAMPAGING MUMMY that brutally kills and destroys everything in its way. He can only be stopped by the same three virgin girls, who are now go-go dancing mummies at a strip joint in Hollywood. And this is only the beginning!!!
In ancient Egypt, a horrible crime is committed against the king's three beautiful daughters, which will linger on for centuries before finding its resolution in revenge. A maniac tortures and mummifies the virgin girls, but when the criminal returns in the 21st Century as a mummy on a path of destruction, the three princesses are the only ones who can stop him. They are now go-go dancing in a strip club, and are only too happy to extract justice for the fate that befell them long ago. A fun, comedic riff on B-movie sexploitation films, ATTACK OF THE VIRGIN MUMMIES features adult film star Violet Blue, winner of the 2002 AVN Best New Starlet Award.

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