Zombie Night I and II Blu-ray Steelbook

Zombie Night I


Helmed by director David J. Francis and packing a visceral wallop, this postapocalyptic horror flick stars Danny Ticknovich, Sandra Segovic, Dwayne Moniz and Andrea Ramolo. In World War III’s nightmarish atomic aftermath, any survivors exposed to the chemical residue left behind soon begin to mutate into flesh-eating ghouls. Facing overwhelming odds, can the quick defeat the undead in the planet’s ultimate showdown?

Zombie Night II


The death is the beginning, all the humanity left, when the night begins, comes the undead. A simple Mosquito bite infected with a virus has spread death, from the humid rain forest. The virus came to civilization, with a mortality rate of one hundred percent. Always on the lookout for new victims, the Lethal Mosquito virus is forgotten. The time of the human race is running out.

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